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Vanilla Bondage Vanilla Bondage

Submissive Lovers kit. Attractively packaged to resemble an ice cream treat, containing a creamy blindfold mixed with a swirl of extra long silky ties  More Info

Price:   £9.99

Lovers Prisoner Kit Lovers Prisoner KitNew

Doing time in the bedroom was never more fun. Playful red and black restraints, soft collar and slinky rubber whip are all included in this kit. Everyone might be innocent, but they always give in to the guilt of the Lover's Prisoner Kit™.

 More info...

Price:   £19.99

Rubber Whip - Large Rubber Whip - Large

With a flick of your wrist you can tease your partner and turn up the heat of your sensual experience with these new luxury rubber whips from America.

 More info...

Price:   £19.99


Ostrich Feather Fantasy Ticklers Ostrich Feather Fantasy Ticklers

Fine quality ostrich feathers attached to a 19" (48 cm) flexible black plastic handle, that will tickle and delight your lover with titillating sensations.

 More info...

Price:   £7.99


Starburst Feather FantasyTicklers Starburst Feather FantasyTicklers

12"-14" (30 - 36 cm) downy Ostrich feathers are attached to a 19" (48 cm) flexible black plastic handle. More info...

Price:   £7.99

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