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Fun and Frisky

Lots of great games, toys and sexy novelties all with your fun in mind 

SEX! For Women SEX! For Women

This game is designed exclusively for women! Do you and your lover enjoy hot ravenous sex? If so, you'll love this fast paced game of foreplay and sexplay! As you travel across the board you are asked to perform various sexy foreplay activities. The winner spins to select which position will be enjoyed by both (or more) girls. For two or more players!!!


Price:   £9.99

52 Orgasm Tips Flash Cards 52 Orgasm Tips Flash Cards

Do you love having orgasms or would you love to experience them? If so, this kit is just for you. Each of the 52 flash cards in this kit includes an illustration with quick and easy step by step instructions to enable you to have bigger, better and longer orgasms than ever before. 

Price:   £5.99

Love is in the Air - Mood setting kit Love is in the Air - Mood setting kit

Romantic mood setting kit with colourful silk flower petals, glowing tea lights and citrus almond scented incense.

Was £10.99 Previous price £7.99

 Click here for full kit contents...

Price:   £4.99

Foot Fantasy Kit Foot Fantasy Kit

Turn up the Kinky factor with the best erotic foot fetish kit around.

RRP £19.99 Previous price £14.99 Last sale price £6.99

 Click here for contents...

Price:   £4.99

Twelve Romantic Dates Twelve Romantic Dates

As previously featured in Company Magazine.

Includes 12 romantic surprise date cards.

Previous price £12.99

 More info...

Price:   £4.99

What the F*ck The Raunchy Version What the F*ck The Raunchy Version
This game is based on our original hot seller, What the F*ck! Try to guess what other players are going to answer to the raunchiest set of questions imaginable.

 More Info

Price:   £9.99

The Great Love Escape The Great Love Escape

This kit includes all the essentials you will need for a perfect night of romance.

RRP £24.99 Previous price £14.99

 Click here for full kit contents...

Price:   £4.99

SudoFUKu SudoFUKuNew

The highly addictive Sudoku game is now a sex game! Use the numbered tiles to complete a Sudoku puzzle, turn two tiles over at a time until you uncover two sex position tiles that match, then act out the sex position.

Game includes: 81 double-sided number/sex position tiles; a standard Sudoku board and game rules for standard Sudoku and SudoFUKu. 

Price:   £12.99

Peekaboo Lapdancing Game Peekaboo Lapdancing Game

You've got it. So flaunt it.

Unleash the sexy, lap dancing diva inside with the Peekaboo Home Lap Dancing Kit.  More info

Price:   £6.99

Feather Nipple Clips Feather Nipple Clips

Decorative and stimulating feather nipple clips that will add excitement to any night.

Black only available at the moment - Come in a pair of 2

 More info

Price:   £7.99

The Amazing Hot Heart Massage Kit The Amazing Hot Heart Massage Kit

Experience both the sensual and therapeutic benefits of this massager. Completely re-usable and very easy to use. Kit complete with Citrus scented massage oil and mini massage guide.

RRP £15.99 Previous price £11.99

 More info

Price:   £7.99


Amazing Hot Massager Amazing Hot Massager

Experience the sensual and therapeutic benefit of 'The Amazing Hot Massager'. The heart shaped heat pack is simple to activate, easy to use and feels unforgetable on your skin.

Previous price £8.99 More info

Price:   £4.99


Warming Massage Lotion with Massage Bottle Warming Massage Lotion with Massage Bottle

Great scents and a handy massage bottle which is curved to fit into your hand and features raised rubbing bumps to make this the ultimate massage oil.

Previous price £9.99

 More info...

Price:   £5.99


Girls Night Out Girls Night Out

A pack full of dares that are guaranteed to get the girls up to lots of tricks!

 More info...

Price:   £4.99

Furry Colour Love Cuffs Furry Colour Love Cuffs

A whole new range of coloured furry cuffs! These high quality metal handcuffs with an easy-escape safety feature, are all dressed up in a sensuous fur-like cover for exciting love games! You can lock them up with the two keys which are included or play safe with the safety catch, either way you will be purring with delight! 

Price:   £7.99


Bed of Roses - White Petals Bed of Roses - White Petals

Set a romantic scene with this lovers kit including over 100 white scented silk rose petals, four tea lights and a special invitation card for your loved one.

Was £14.99 Previous price £9.99

 More info...

Price:   £6.99

Sizzling Body Candy Sizzling Body Candy

The Candy is activated when moisture is added - best done with wet kisses and sexy licks in special places!

Each box comes complete with a bonus insert packed with sensual suggestions. 

Price:   £5.99 > Games and Novelties



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