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TV and Magazine featured Toys > TV and Magazine featured Toys

Celebrity Toys

All these absolutely fabulous toys have previously received press or TV coverage 

The Sex Game The Sex Game

As previously featured in Company Magazine.

The ultimate foreplay game for lovers. More info...

Price:   £14.99

SudoFUKu SudoFUKuNew

Featured in ZEST magazine June 2007. The highly addictive Sudoku game is now a sex game! Use the numbered tiles to complete a Sudoku puzzle, turn two tiles over at a time until you uncover two sex position tiles that match, then act out the sex position.

Game includes: 81 double-sided number/sex position tiles; a standard Sudoku board and game rules for standard Sudoku and SudoFUKu. 

Price:   £12.99

Peekaboo Lapdancing Game Peekaboo Lapdancing Game

You've got it. So flaunt it.

Unleash the sexy, lap dancing diva inside with the Peekaboo Home Lap Dancing Kit.  More info

Price:   £6.99

Twelve Romantic Dates Twelve Romantic Dates

As previously featured in Company Magazine.

Includes 12 romantic surprise date cards.

 More info...

Price:   £4.99

Jac Off Jac Off

As seen on TV's - Sex Tips for Girls!

Jac-Off is a fabulous masturbator innovation which your guy can use alone or with you! It is a simple, stretchy and flexible silicone pad with raised nubbies moulded into the texture to increase pleasure sensations and ease, so your arm won't be hurting any more!

 More info

Price:   £8.99

Erotic Rabbit Erotic Rabbit

As Featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine December issue

Also known as the Rampant Rabbit. The new and improved world famous erotic rabbit vibrator as seen on Sex In The City!

 More info...

Price:   £19.99 > TV and Magazine featured Toys



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